Kourtney Kardashian Pregnant & Abandoned

Kourtney Kardashian Pregnant & Abandoned

Life & Style magazine has reality TV star Kourtney Kardashian and her boneheaded husband, Scott Disick, on their latest cover. According to the tabloid, Kourtney is pregnant with her second child AND abandoned. That’s because no one is allowed to be happy with their significant others in La La land, right? For the record, we really do think Scott is a bonehead and we haven’t even watched any of them utter one syllable on their stupid show.

The magazine reports that Kourtney hasn’t given it up to Scott in four months, so he was caught with four other women. So, obviously in retaliation, the Kardashian machine has decided to cut off his cash supply. But that’s okay, he’s still got that QuickTrim crap, right?

So is Scott really running around on Kourtney? Probably not, but it makes for good magazine sales, right Life & Style?

A source revealed, “Scott drank cocktails and watched as girls flung themselves over the velvet ropes. It’s clear girls are interested in him. He was overheard talking about taking a lap around the club to scope out female revelers.”

Also of note, Scott is said to have a bachelor pad that he rolls out to when he feels the need to escape. The source said, “When Scott wants to get away he escapes to his own little bachelor pad on the Upper East Side. He’s had it forever and doesn’t plan to get rid of it. It’s definitely not suitable for family living, though – it’s a tiny little apartment.”

Another snitch said that since Kourtney has gotten pregnant, she’s not having sex with Scott. The insider said, “Scott says that as soon as Kourtney got pregnant, she stopped having sex with him. He jokes that it’s like he’s a stallion and she just uses him to get pregnant. He laughs about it, but you can tell that he’s starting to get really bummed.”

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