Kris Allen performs ‘The Star Spangled Banner’ at the NBA Finals game 2

kris_allen_performs_nba_gameSeason eight “American Idol” winner, Kris Allen has just performed “The Star Spangled Banner” at Sunday night’s NBA Finals Game 2, before a packed audience.

The game took place between the L.A. Lakers and the Orlando Magic with courtside celebrity appearances like Jack Nicholson, Zac Efron, Rihanna, and Diddy, among others.

I really enjoyed his performance, did you?

Check out the video below to see him performing the national anthem in jeans and a t-shirt.

Great job, Kris!

Kris Allen performs ‘The Star Spangled Banner’ at the NBA Finals game 2 was last modified: June 17th, 2011 by Roberta Ferguson
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  • Kay

    Not too good in my book. And what was with that Br–Freeeeeeeeeeeeee. I think he started to sing Brave and caught himself.

    • Starwars Bill

      Man, who are you? You never change do you , always the same stuck up , nose in the air attitude. You and your darkside are hopeless.

  • claudia jelinski

    You gotta be kidding me. Listen to Adam’s version at the Mira Mesa air force base appearance in early May. There is no comaprison
    Rosanne Barr could have sang that better

    • jackson

      I listened to Adam and sorry don’t see anything exceptional about Adam version. It was good but at least Kris sang from his heart.

  • mtlfan

    oh my.. again the bitterberts coming in to bring him down.. booooohh. They love so much Adam that they try to tear his friend apart… you’re pathetic..

    Anyway…I think he did a simple and beautiful rendition. Nice tone and lively phrasing that does justice to the lyrics

  • ShariG

    Can I just say how sick to death I am of the Adam Lambert fans raining on Kris Allen’s parade. I loved Kris’s rendition of the Star Spangled Banner. He didn’t try to make it a production. He sang it straight from the heart with near flawless pitch. It is a hard song to sing and he sounded amazing. Adam has a big voice and a big range. Kris Allen knows how to connect to the music and the audience in a way that is respectful of both the song and the occasion. I thought he was fantastic. Lambert doesn’t sing this one bit better. He does it differently. Personally I prefer the stripped down, a capella version that Kris sang tonight. He should be very proud that in such a high pressure situation he did a great job. Get over it people. They sing differently. He isn’t Adam’s enemy. They appeal to different groups. No one asked about Adam, they asked about Kris’s performance tonight which was flawless and heartfelt.

  • Kerry

    Adam Lambert’s Bitterberts are still crying and whining showing their true low life selves by remarking on Kris’s articles.


    They show how low they are. I don’t go to any Adam Lambert articles and cry and whine, but they always show up on Kris’s acting like buffoons and posting cry baby rants.

    • TerrieB

      Kerry, I couldn’t have said it better myself. Well put. I totally agree with you. Great job Kris. Keep on being yourself.

  • candice

    kris did awesome!!!!

  • Dana

    Kris Allen was horrible. Seriously, is was a joke. I don’t care who won American Idol. But the perfomance on the NBA finals stunk.

    • PhDude

      First of all, “stunk” is not a word. And no one is forcing you to like Kris’s version of the National Anthem. But have a little class and show some respect. The show is over, move on. Get a life.

      The point is, he’s the Idol, he got to sing it, Adam didn’t. Adam sang for a military hometown crowd (oh, the irony!). Somehow, I don’t see Adam singing for any sporting events any time soon.

    • Starwars Bill

      Dana, you must have come out of a hole in the ground and have your ears all filled with mud and debris. You need to clean out your ears and then you need to clean your attitude which really stinks a hell of a lot.

  • Fritter

    A simple and heartfelt performance. I also listened to Adam Lambert’s version of the anthem on youtube. Adam adds all kinds of vocal flourishes that call attention to Adam but take away from the meaning of the song. The difference for me is that when Kris performs, it’s all about the song and its meaning. When Adam performs, it’s all about Adam. There is a narcissistic quality to Adam’s singing that I don’t care for.

  • Kathy

    I am admittedly partial, but I really do love his beautiful version. So nice to see someone do a straight lovely rendition of the NA. Just sing it. Carrie Underwood always delivers it that way. Most singers make it about them and think they need 50 runs throughout it. Kris performed it heartfelt…the way it should be.

  • percy

    Where did they find this guy. Sounds like a guy in the subway station.

    • Starwars Bill

      with a name like Percy, or is it Prissy, you belong in a railway station.

  • Claire

    I am a huge Adam fan, and I thought Kris’ version was really nice–he’s just very talented. Most Adam fans like Kris and are happy for him, whether or not they like his music (I prefer Adam’s style but like Kris’ as well). It’s the internet–you have a few overzealous fans going nuts. I’ve seen some pretty nasty comments directed at Adam from Kris fans, but I know that those people are not representative of most Kris fans.

    I do disagree with Fritter: the thing that made Adam’s version of NA so delightful for me was that he sang it very simply. He has a big range and he used it, but there were no extra show-off touches. Most singers with huge voices like his toss in tons of melisma and other flourishes, and he didn’t–he rarely does things that don’t serve the song, and neither does Kris. He and Kris have very different voices, but one thing that distinguishes them both as artists (and certainly distinguishes them from most AI contestants) is that they both pour themselves into what they are singing rather than simply delivering a “Look at me, I can sing and perform” moment.

  • leelee

    I never watched AI this year. So THAT is who won. OMG there are better at a Karaoke bar

    • To leelee

      Kris is know for his exceptional arrangements of songs, smooth tone of his voice, as well as the ability to emote the lyrics of songs wonderfully. I’m sorry that you missed all that on AI, but a lot of people actually apreciate it. If you only care for people who can belt out karaoke tunes and nothing else, by all means feel free to stick with your karaoke bars.

    • Jess

      Considering you frequent karaoke bars and admittedly have not watched American Idol, I would have to think twice before posting a comment about a singer if I were you. Had you watched American Idol, you would have seen and heard the amazing song renditions that Kris Allen did. Furthermore, I don’t think people sing the Star-Spangled Banner in karaoke bars. It would have been sad and a tad bit disrespectful if they do. As for Kris’ rendition of the national anthem, I agree with most of the posters that it was heartfelt and beautiful although the “freee” part caught me off guard.

    • Starwars Bill

      Leelee you must be either tone deaf or just do not have any appreciation for good singing. Better get a life and learn how to enjoy basic down to earth talent or you will grow old and withered.

  • Starwars Bill

    Kris did a very heartful rendition of this most beautiful and patriotic song. Kris is a true American son of our country and we are proud to share his talent as he shares it with the NBA Finals. Looking forward to his first CD.

  • jamesmay

    my people are freakin jobless..! No wonder the U.S hasn't pulled out of the recession…!!!