Kris & Bruce Jenner Fight Over Kendall’s Racy Photos

Kris & Bruce Jenner Fight Over Kendall's Racy Photos

Bruce and Kris Jenner are fighting over some provocative photos of their 15-year-old daughter, Kendall. She did a shoot that consisted of nothing but lingerie and bikini photos — which set Bruce off.

Apparently Kris booked the photo shoot behind Bruce’s back, primarily because she knew he wouldn’t approve. Considering the nature of the shoot, I can see why!

A source said, “They kept the shoot a secret from him until photos were posted online. That’s when he finally saw them.”

Kris, being the loving famewhore stage mom that she is, defended her actions. She told Bruce, “Rules are different for people like us. We are the most famous people in the world.”

The source went on to reveal, “Kris pointed out that Britney Spears did racier shoots and videos when she was Kendall’s age. Then she told Bruce that he has to get used to things like that.”

She tried to convince Bruce that the racy shoot was a good idea. The source added, “She consoles Bruce by saying she’ll be able to get into and pay for any college she wants.”

In the end, Bruce gave up. The source said, “Bruce put his tail between his legs and surrendered.”


Photo Credit: Fame Pictures

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