Kris Jenner Admits To Cheating On Robert Kardashian

Kris Jenner Admits To Cheating On Robert Kardashian

Proving that money is the most important thing on the Earth, momager Kris Jenner has revealed in her new book, all about her cheating scandal! She was married to Robert Kardashian, yet she was fooling around behind his back with some guy named Ryan. How quaint.

In her book, Kris Jenner And All Things Kardashian, Kris revealed that she had a mid-life crisis at 30 and slept with Ryan all over the place. She said, “Robert had been the only man in my life since I was 18. I don’t know why I was having a mid-life crisis at 30, but I was. His name was Ryan, and he was a producer. We had wild sex everywhere, all the time.”

Robert wasn’t stupid, he had her followed — and that’s how he found out about her affair. He filed for divorce from her shortly thereafter. She appeared on Jay Leno’s show last night to discuss the book. She said, “When you’re very young you do a lot of stupid things. It’s probably the biggest regret of my life that I ended up having an affair. I was probably just really naive and stupid and restless and didn’t realize that marriage has its ups and downs.”

Nothing is off limits for these people, is it?

Photo Credit: Fame Pictures

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