Kris Jenner Clears Up Bruce Jenner Womanly Transformation Rumors

Kris Jenner Clears Up Bruce Jenner Womanly Transformation Rumors

Kris Jenner couldn’t resist making a public appearance. This time it was on the “Today” show. She was on the news show to promote a cookbook. She is really known for her cooking skills, isn’t she? The book is called “In The Kitchen With Kris: A Kollection Of Kardashian-Jenner Family Favorites” if you are interested in finding out her recipes and entertainment tips. She appeared on the show, Monday, October 20, 2014.

As she should have expected, she spent the majority of the time talking about her so-called famous daughters and her family. The momager never resists an opportunity to talk about her daughters so she was most likely okay about not talking about her book very much. Jenner did get the chance to actually cook on the show, but most of the heat came from when she talked about her family and marriage.

The reality star talked about why she wrote the book. She claims she wrote it for her kids and grandkids. She volunteered that she was going through her divorce from husband Bruce Jenner. Strangely, she considers him a great guy, but she didn’t write the book for him. Speaking of Bruce, Kris filed for divorce from him last month after separating for a year.

She defended her reasoning for divorcing her husband by saying it was right for her family. They believe they are better apart than they are together. They are allegedly still good friends. They aired their dirty laundry on television so it’s not a surprise that their relationship is finished.

Kris finally spoke about the rumors about Bruce transitioning into a woman. She claims it is silly and it has been said since the 70’s. She chose not to say why he was seen dressing like a woman. The momager also didn’t address his Adam’s apple being removed. The “Keeping Up With The Kardashian” star is allegedly okay with Bruce dating. She claims she doesn’t know who he’s dating because he doesn’t check in with her. There is no way she is okay with him possibly dating her best friend. Cameras are in their faces all of the time so there’s no way she doesn’t know who he is dating. As stated before, they are still good friends, but we will see once the divorce is final.

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