Kris Jenner Jealous Over Caitlyn Jenner’s Popularity?

Kris Jenner Jealous Over Caitlyn Jenner's Popularity?

Is Kris Jenner jealous over Caitlyn Jenner’s recent surge in popularity?

It would stand to reason that it could be the case considering how Caitlyn Jenner has received a lot of positive press for coming out as herself on the July 2015 issue of Vanity Fair magazine. Caitlyn revealed that Kris Jenner knew all along that she was transitioning, despite Kris’ claims to the contrary. Caitlyn revealed that she was at least a B-cup when she got together with Kris in the first place.

Caitlyn as Bruce told Diane Sawyer in an interview that she had been taking hormones since the eighties and that she dressed up as a woman frequently. She also said that despite all of the storylines on the show, she was the actual one with the story. Kris also lied about being reached for comment on the show, despite ABC’s claiming otherwise. Naturally, Caitlyn Jenner’s name has been a source of hope for the transgendered community, but is Kris Jenner jealous of all of her fame and success?

We’ve heard rumors that Kris is jealous because Caitlyn is now more famous than she is. A source revealed, “Caitlyn’s instant rise to fame and support has everyone now focused solely on her and not on the Kardashians anymore. This was Kris’ biggest fear. No one in the family was expecting Caitlyn to be as beautiful as she is. Everyone is shocked at how soft and natural she looks, and, of course, Kris is just through the roof.”

An insider said, “Already Caitlyn is more beautiful than Kris and more beloved by fans, and this has Kris spinning out in her head. Kris knows that she is no longer the ‘momager with the most’ and this drives her absolutely nuts!”

What do you think of Bruce Jenner’s transition to Caitlyn Jenner? Do you think that Kris is super jealous of all of the attention that Caitlyn has received since her Vanity Fair cover announcement? Hit the comments below and let us know your thoughts.

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