Kris Jenner Pimps Out Kendall And Kylie’s Book On Instagram

Kris Jenner Pimps Out Kendall And Kylie's Book On Instagram

Despite the fact that Kendall and Kylie Jenner are not high school graduates, they have apparently written a book. The book is called “Rebels: City Of Indra – The Story Of Lex And Livia”. They probably had some pretty bangin’ ghostwriters to pull this one off. Now, Pimp Mama Kris has taken to her official Instagram account to push some sales for the book.

She shared along with the above photo, “Who’s picked up a copy of #rebelsthebook? Such a fab weekend read!! Purchase at B&N, Amazon, and at” approximately 23 minutes ago on the social networking service.

Is this a book that you will pick up?

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  • rosemary davis

    Kris the pimp Jenner, will do what it takes to earn more money after all she’s their manager and she gets a cut from what ever they make so no surprise here that she’s asking people to purchase a book her uneducated daughters supposedly wrote.