Kris Jenner’s Talk Show Has Been Officially Cancelled!

Kris Jenner's Talk Show Has Been Officially Cancelled!

Kris Jenner’s talk show, Kris, has officially been cancelled by the powers that be! Imagine that! We kind of knew that cancellation was in the cards for the talk show newbie, but this just seals the fate of the talk show that should never have been allowed to air. Seriously.

Kris really tried to keep ratings afloat, especially with her antics when she held a baby that people thought was her granddaughter North West. She tried to stave off the cancellation by having her daughters on the show — and when that didn’t work out as planned, she had rapper Kanye West on the show. Unfortunately for her, it wasn’t enough to keep people watching and her show has since met its timely demise.

Poor Kris — it is about time that she figures out that no one really cares about her business. It’s more likely that people are only tuning into Keeping Up With The Kardashians to see which Kardashian or Jenner girl will release a sex tape next. #TRUTH.

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