Kristen Stewart & Angelina Jolie Are Friends?

Kristen Stewart & Angelina Jolie Are Friends?

It really is a small world after all! Apparently Breaking Dawn actress Kristen Stewart has become best buddies with none other than Angelina Jolie!

Accordingto reports, Angelina has been mentoring Kristen and have regular talks. Who knew?!??

A source said, “Kristen and Angelina talk all the time. They’ve crossed paths at various red carpet events and I think something about Kristen’s apparent vulnerability called to Angelina’s motherly instincts.”

The snitch went on to say, “She’s really taken Kristen under her wing and seems to think of her as the little sister she never had. Angelina’s counseled Kristen on how to work the red carpet and deal with mobs of fans. She’s also been giving Kristen tips on negotiating her career and what projects she should consider next.”


Previously, it was rumored that Kristen would be taking the role that Angelina made famous in the sequel to Wanted.

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