Kristen Stewart Covers ‘Glamour UK’ December 2011 Issue (Photo)

Kristen Stewart Covers 'Glamour UK' (Photo)

Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn actress Kristen Stewart appears on the cover of the December 2011 issue of Glamour UK.

According to the cover, Kristen talks about loving everything British! That must include her boyfriend and co-star, Robert Pattinson. Kristen is currently across the pond, filming for Snow White And The Huntsman.

There were rumors that popped up suggesting that Rob was trying to date Ashley Greene, but we’re not buying it. It’s probably just drama to drum up publicity for the movies. Besides that, two friends are able to enjoy dinner together without doing anything more than that, can’t they?

When talking about Rob being named the Sexiest Man In The World, she said, “The first time Rob was named sexiest man in the world, it was the biggest joke in the world. We never stopped taking the piss and neither did he.”

It’s good that she’s not taking their relationship so seriously. Good for him, too, that he can enjoy a little self-deprecating humor.

The first part of Breaking Dawn hits theaters on November 18, 2011!

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