Kristen Stewart Grossed Out By Casey Anthony Comparisons

Kristen Stewart Grossed Out By Casey Anthony Comparisons

Even before the verdict was given in the murder trial against Casey Anthony, people were speculating who should play her if a movie is ever made. Seemingly, Breaking Dawn actress Kristen Stewart’s name just kept popping up. Sure, there is some resemblance between the two, and in Hollywood you can make anyone look like a killer.

Now, we’ve learned that Kristen is a bit miffed at the comparisons — grossed out, even. She says that she won’t play the “Murder Mom”, ever.

A source said, “Her people are really annoyed about the Casey Anthony comparisons. Kristen wants that talk to blow over soon, because it looks really bad.”

If that doesn’t tell you about the likelihood of Kristen taking any role based on Casey’s murder trial, then you probably shouldn’t hold your breath. The source revealed, “She would never for no amount of money portray that girl. It’s grossing her out. All those entertainment shows are doing polls and what not and her people just want it to stop!”

I think we should nix any thoughts of basing a movie around this woman if she stands to make a profit from it. Don’t you? It’s sickening to think that we live in a world where someone can “allegedly” murder their daughter and get lucrative deals to enrichen themselves. Sickening. Don’t you think?

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