Kristen Stewart Loves Robert Pattinson’s Hair Messy (Photos) – POLL!

Kristen Stewart Loves Robert Pattinson's Hair Messy (Photos) - POLL!

Robert Pattinson has sported many looks with his hair since getting into acting. He’s had his hair tousled and messy, and now he has shed that look for something more clean cut. For his new role in Cosmopolis, Rob is looking pretty dapper!

Unfortunately, there are some folks who may not like this new look. Take his rumored girlfriend Kristen Stewart, for instance. She doesn’t care for this new look for Rob.

According to reports, Rob gave an interview with Bravo magazine and said that Kristen prefers his mop “tousled” and not trimmed like it was in Water For Elephants. Perhaps she just wants something to run her fingers through?

We’re pretty sure he looks a lot better now than he did with his messy locks….but of course, that is a matter of opinion. What do you think? Are you a fan of the slicked back hair and the spruced up suit look? Or are you like Kristen and want something to grab a hold of? TAKE OUR POLL!

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