Kristen Stewart To Play Casey Anthony In A Movie?

Kristen Stewart To Play Casey Anthony In A Movie?

According to reports, Hollywood insiders are already casting the movie adaptation of the Casey Anthony story. She is the “murder mom” on trial for allegedly murdering her two-year-old daughter, Caylee.

The defense has rested in the case just recently and Casey had decided not to take the stand in her own defense. The trial has garnered a lot of media attention and has boosted ratings for anyone covering it.

We’re hearing reports that Kristen Stewart’s name is being tossed around for the role of Casey. Reportedly, she has the right look, manner and talent for the job.

A source said, “She’s got the dark hair, sort of the vacant, deer-in-the-headlights look.”

Hey, if they can make Charlize Theron look like a trailer trash lesbian, than anything is possible, right? Still, we’re thinking that it’s probably still too soon to be thinking about a movie adaptation of Casey’s trial. Perhaps when all is said and done and the wounds have healed, it may be the right time.

As for now, Casey’s family is in need of some justice. Besides that, wouldn’t Casey have to sign off on that? And would she? Sure it would further the media’s interest in her. But we really don’t have all of the facts yet. In addition to that, why should she be able to profit from something so heinous as murder?


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  • Catheirnemcgurk

    Its illegal in the United States to profit from your own crime idiots. And That little thing called the First Ammendment would allow the producers to make any movie they wanted.

  • Litirice2010

    I agree with you Catherine–and personally that b**** needs to fry—hell, I would throw out the bacon grease because it would be poisoned!!!

  • Babalooie

    I always thought that John O’Hurley should be cast as George.

    • ginger


  • Sheba

    I can also see Jennifer Hewitt from Ghost Whisper playing this role.
    They have the same build and eyes it’s all in the eyes and evil mouth!
    Love Jennifer btw.

  • Hking3

    I think I would prefer a really good actress like Natalie Portman to take the role.  Wynona Rider could have done it in her day too.   I truthfully think Casey is mentally disturbed, and not quite as cold hearted as portrayed.   She probably did it, but I doubt it was planned at all.   The cover up probably was.

  • Koolkatt17

    I doubt they will make this into a movie , definitely agrees with Catherine here , also doubt that Stewart will do it . Most likely they will make it into a tv movie like they always with these horrible stories and profit from that .. That’s a shame because a lovely child lost her life that’s sad ….

  • Chula

    She look exaclty Casey Anthony. Kristen Will respect to Caylee anthony and everyone want to see what’s happend in real life of Casey did Kill her own daugther. casey is younger like 22 or 21. Kristen is 20 or 21.. Like Breaking dawn Bella cullen is a mother with a girl…. So.. I want to choosen Kristen. Kristen is My favor FAN as she never Drama Or never stupid thing..

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  • Kwalley

    Almost every site you visit someone suggests Lindsey Lohan to play Casey. Hosestly, what could be any more perfect?

  • Anonymous

    kristen stewart does not look like casey anthony no way, i don’t think kristen would want no part in the movie, kristen is a very beautiful woman , don’t compare kristen  looks with casey anthony, who ever thought they look alike has to see a doctor and have an examination from head to toe ,casey is evil, and why should they want to make a movie of her, how many more moms will kill there children just make a movie, this is so stupied, try another planet maybe they’ll fine a casey anthony look alike there. im a kristen fan forever.