Kristen Stewart Wants To Shave Her Head And Get A Head Tattoo

Kristen Stewart Wants To Shave Her Head And Get A Head Tattoo

Former Twilight actress Kristen Stewart recently spoke in an interview about shaving her head before she dies. Not only that, but while her head is shaved, she wants to get a tattoo on it.

In an interview with Into The Gloss, Kristen opened up about her hair and why she is waiting to change things up. She said, “If I wasn’t an actor, I would definitely do things to my hair. I would cut it more, I would dye it more. At some point I want to do a total boy cut, completely – not a pretty, girly version – like a straight up James Dean haircut. And then, I’m definitely going to shave my head before I die. I will definitely tattoo my head while it’s shaved before my hair grows back. I’m not sure which part, probably the bottom quadrant in the back. I don’t know what the tattoo would be, yet. Still thinking.”

She won’t get anything so drastic as the haircut done until she has completely retired from acting, however. She added, “I, personally, want to stay neutral so that I’m in a perfect position to — it sounds lame — but to transform myself for a role. If a project comes up and I’ve already got a shaved head, it would be a problem; I hate wearing wigs. But the way I choose roles anyway is very gut-oriented.”

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