Kristen Stewart’s ‘scary’ Breaking Dawn vampire transformation

Elizabeth Reaser talks about Kristen Stewart's Breaking Dawn vampire transformation

If you’re excited to see Kristen Stewart in full vampire makeup for her role as Vampire Bella Swan in Breaking Dawn — then you’re in luck! Photos of that are soon to come! (We can’t wait!)

Until then, we’ve got co-star Elizabeth Reaser talking about Kristen’s “scary” transformation!

Check out the video, below:

Elizabeth said that Kristen is already filming scenes as a vampire. When asked how she’s cutting it as a vampire, Elizabeth said, “She scared me a little bit on Thursday, I’ll be honest with you.”

She went on to say, “‘Cause when vampires are newborns, they’re stronger than any other vampires. And for a second there I thought, ‘This might not end well’, ya know? She’s looking pretty pissed right now. It was great.”

Are you excited for Bella’s transformation??? I think that’s going to be the best part of the movie, entirely.

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