L&S: Kim Kardashian Headed For A Split!

ITW: Kim Kardashian Headed For A Split!

Star magazine is reporting that Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries have reached the end of their marriage…and now, Life & Style is jumping on the Kim/Kris split bandwagon.

We’re going to maintain what we’ve said all along in that their marriage was likely generated in order to get viewers for her reality show, along with garnering them millions of dollars in endorsement deals.

What we haven’t been able to figure out is why people are so interested in what this former sex tape star is doing with her life? I don’t understand all of the fuss, really.

She’s an over-done-up personality, who generally looks fake and wears gobs upon gobs of makeup everywhere she goes. And she can’t even visit her own father’s grave without a camera crew present. It all doesn’t make sense. I’d swear she’d pop out a baby if she thought it would benefit her financially.

L&S is also reporting that Kris was caught with a blonde at 5am and she has taken her wedding ring off. In addition to that, they are having screaming fights and the Kardashians are scrambling to protect their money. Of course they are.

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