Lady Gaga Announces 2012 Tour Plans

Lady Gaga Announces 2012 Tour Plans

Lady Gaga is no stranger to hard work, and after just wrapping up her Monster Ball Tour, she’s already announcing plans for a tour in 2012 to support her latest album, Born This Way.

When asked about her plans to tour, she said, “I do have plans, it will be at the top of next year but I have to begin rehearsing by the end of this year. That’s what I do. It’s time for another marathon.”

She went on to say that she owes it to her fans to get back on stage, and doesn’t feel a need to take a break. She revealed, “If you’re running a marathon, and you’re about to cross the finish line, you don’t stop and say, ‘Oh, once I cross it, it’s over.’ You run as fast as you can to get there as quickly as you can. So I guess, for me, it’s about how many marathons can I run? How many dreams can I make true? Now, not for me, but for my fans.”

She took to her official Twitter to announce that the title for the tour is likely to be called Born This Way Ball or The Third Monster Ball. She tweeted, Been obsessing all day about The Born This Way Ball. What is wrong with me. #obsessedwithlilmonsters #can’tlivewithoutastage #calltherapist”, along with, “I’m not SURE yet but the title will be some mutation of The Born This Way Ball/ The “Third” Monsterball. Brain still vomiting, hold please.”

What do you think she should call the 2012 tour? Sound off, Little Monsters!

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