Lady Gaga announces ‘The Fame Monster’ track listing & Collector’s Edition

the_fame_monster_collectors_editionLady Gaga’s much anticipated re-release of “The Fame”, titled “The Fame Monster” is coming!! The new record is due out on November 24, 2009 and I can’t wait!

Check out the track listing for the album:

• “Bad Romance”
• “Alejandro”
• “Monster”
• “Speechless”
• “Dance in the Dark”
• “Telephone” (duet with Beyonce)
• “So Happy I Could Die”
• “Teeth”

She has also announced that she is set to release a collector’s edition art book for “The Fame Monster”. This new version of the album will be released on December 15, 2009 and each will be individually numbered and will include these items:

• A lock of Lady Gaga’s hair
• A collectible puzzle
• Pictorials
• A behind-the-scenes look at Lady Gaga’s creative process
• Pull-out posters
• Themed fanzines
• A Lady Gaga paper doll collection
• 3-D glasses to view forthcoming visuals
• Personal notes from Lady Gaga

Which are you waiting for? The re-release or the Collector’s Edition?

Editor’s Note: Double-click the above image for the full-screen size.

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