Lady Gaga bans boyfriend Luc Carl from the bedroom!

Lady Gaga bans boyfriend Luc Carl from the bedroom!

Pop singer Lady Gaga bans her boyfriend, Luc Carl, from the bedroom once a week! Crazy!

According to reports, Luc has accompanied Gaga around the world for her Monster Ball Tour, but has one night a week that she likes to keep for herself. Reportedly, she also insists on booking them separate hotel rooms because shse feels that sharing a bed together every night would hurt her creativity.

A source said, “She calls it her 16th century monarch night as she doesn’t always allow Luc to sleep in bed with her. She just summons him when she needs him.”

Is that crazy or what?!??

Lady Gaga bans boyfriend Luc Carl from the bedroom! was last modified: May 2nd, 2011 by Megan Lindsey
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  • Alex Bell

    Totals crazy when a girl doesn’t want to share her bed. -Totaly-. How crazy is that?

  • lilyx

    That pic looks photo shopped. The arm not facing the camera is very little & skinny compared to the other. Hehe.. not sayin’ you did it, I think Luc did :)

    • jenjen

      no it is real.

  • Crossed Faked

    I don’t think she’s crazy for banning her boyfriend from sleeping with her from time to time. Some people likes to have their “alone” moments even though they are in a relationship. You know, some space. After all, they aren’t married yet.