Lady Gaga employee posts itinerary on the internet

Read the legal threat, and our hilarious response.

An unscrupulous Lady Gaga employee took the liberty of snagging a copy of her Australian itinerary and posted it on the popular community site, OhNoTheyDidn’t.

The “fish monster”:

The fan also had photos of her white leather couches, along with a monster from her set. The nefarious employee said this:

10 Hours later my friends and I come back for the bump out shift and we have to wait at the gate underneath the venue in the tunnel, Her car was like 3 metres away (like 10 feet for those metrically challenged) from me and I saw a glimpse of her head when she got in it, and then she opened the door on my side and just sat there looking at us/ME!!! for about 20 seconds :), I did a huge wave in the air, But I was like the only person that waved out of all the crew and she didn’t wave back :( Then she drove out the other side of the tunnel to screaming fans.

When we actually started the shift we snuck back down the hallways to where we knew her dressing room was and it was a mess with a violet colored piece of paper that I just had to eavesdrop on. And to my amazement it was Gaga’s itinerary for her stay in Australia, So I kinda maybe stole it. None of her staff was there anymore so it’s all good :) it has everything she’s doing for the next week or so, including addresses of hotels, times she leaving to do stuff, like visiting Buddhist temples etc. (it also includes a lot of studio time)

The itinerary:

And the clearer, more current version:

At least they took the liberty of placing white blocks over the times.

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