Lady Gaga: I’ll sleep when I’m dead (Video)

Lady Gaga addressed those who made comments suggesting that she looks tired and needs a break, during her concert in Stockholm, Sweden, on May 7, 2010.

She performed her song, Speechless, at around 1:39, she said, “Oh you sound so good singing those lyrics. You know, when people say ‘Lady Gaga is really tired, she needs to take a break’….I just think about all those times I sang in bars where nobody was singing my lyrics. I’ll sleep when I’m dead, okay?”

At around 6:25, she said, “I know that I work really hard and run myself into the ground, and also know that alcohol will kill me one day….but I would rather not die on vacation, I’d rather die on stage with all my fans.”

Can’t wait to see her in concert already!

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