Lady Gaga’s Bubble Suit Cover For ‘Rolling Stone’ – Photo

Lady Gaga is gracing the new cover of “Rolling Stone” magazine in her famous bubble suit.

In the new issue, she says, “I don’t feel I look like the other perfect little pop singers. I think I’m changing what people think is sexy.”

She adds, “The truth is, the psychotic woman that I truly am comes out when I’m not working. When I’m not working, I go crazy.”

In another recent interview, Gaga talks about what she wants in a man (in just three words — not surprising) and fame, money, and sex.


To see her video from the Rolling Stone photo shoot, check out Rolling!

Lady Gaga’s Bubble Suit Cover For ‘Rolling Stone’ – Photo was last modified: June 17th, 2011 by Roberta Ferguson
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  • next

    she is not innovating music. She is exploiting music and art. big difference.

  • pigeon

    She has the ability to immitate and extract workings derivtive from other well known as well as up and coming artists. She is a marketing executive schooled more than likely from label execs or her parents. There is no real difference. Marketing people do not study how to think and sweat and really feel their passion for what it is they truly beleive to succeed. They more so envy and strive to outdo the “status quo” by piece picking ideas from a variety of entities so that they can call the homogenous outcomes ‘their own’. Thats simply defined is A FUCKING EGOMANIAC!!!!

  • Veronica

    I completely agree with pigeon and what others have commented on regarding LG’s ability to emulate and exploit, but not understand music. That is the real barrier she will never be able to cross. So, this cheeky “Is she the new (insert famous female singer)?” is further evidence that she is a transition act in a recessionary period. What will be her demise is she is incapable of cutting across demographics like, say, a Madonna. LG has the babysitters now, but they are notoriously fickle. She also is very green and unschooled. In one interview, she cited David Bowie as an influence and seemed confused he had a catalogue aside from “Let’s Dance”….the list of similar cringe worthy moments goes on. Her arrogant, not ironic, answering of the above silly question posed to her shows she is a savant being held by very fraying puppet strings. I cannot believe she is claiming that bubble dress as her own. Very sad……