Lady Gaga’s employee speaks out

A few days ago, an employee of Lady Gaga’s took photos of the monster from her set, as well as her white leather couches and the infamous Australian itinerary. Now, the user has taken to the community to discuss what he calls an overblown situation. He basically claims that he’s not a stalker and it just a fan at heart.

He posted this:

Hey it’s lucause again, My first Lady Gaga post got taken down, and I’ve been slandered in the local media and websites such as Defamer and Gawker.

I just wanted to respond and announce that I am not a freaky stalker that released any information that could be used to locate or harm Lady Gaga.

I just want to verify the details for this overblown and ridiculous story.

-I was chosen among 3 other crew members to help Lady Gaga’s assistants set up
her dressing room, I took a photo of her lounge for me and my friends to remember this crazy
experience, days later I decided to post the photos on a community (ONTD) I’m a member of
and detail my story of the experience, as it’s a common practice for members
to share their celebrity encounters.

-Regretebly in my story I included discriptive words like “stalkerishly” intended a joke, to describe me touching a jacket of hers that was in full view (I simply just touched it with my finger). I didn’t know that these words would be taken out of context, with none of my original story and used to desrcibe me as a “stalker”.

-Late at night when the crews assistance wasn’t required, we were told to “take a lap” around the hallways to act “busy” by our superiors. When we passed her dressing room we went in to have a look, as I imagine any fan in this situation would, I found what seemed to be her itinerary and decided to keep it (obviously a silly mistake). By this time all her employees were long gone and the dressing rooms were just empty messes. I did not at any time intend to leak the information on the itinerary and haven’t leaked any information that could be used to locate Lady Gaga. (I blurred out the one day of 2 weeks that were still relevant)

-When I decided to post my account on a forum site, for her fans, I took photos of the nearly expired itinerary that only had one more day of details on it and blurred the last day out before throwing it out and posting it on the forum. At the time of initially posting the story and accompanying images of the nearly expired and partially blurred itiniary, I had no idea it would be posted on various sites and my story taken out of context to make me sound like a creepy “stalker”.

I probably would have done the same thing, in his shoes. Taking photos? Check. But leaking the itinerary? Perhaps not. It would be cool to keep as a memento, but putting it on the internet was careless. Especially when it got the Aussie RIAA’s panties in a bunch.

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