Lamar Odom Recovery Hits a Snag Asks For Stronger Painkillers

Lamar Odom Oxycontin
(Photo credit: David Shankbone, CC 3.0 license)

Lamar Odom is reportedly off dialysis and his condition is improving ever so slightly after being able to leave the ICU but he is reportedly asking for stronger painkiller drugs such as Oxycontin. Doctors are hesitant to provide such a strong drug for Odom since he overdosing on drugs is what got him to the hospital in the first place. His wife Khloe Kardashian was also not pleased, it has been reported that she left the hospital a week ago and has not returned even once since then.

Despite the latest hiccup, doctors are still incredibly amazed at the speed of Odom’s recovery. Their original prognosis was that it would be difficult if not impossible for Odom to have a regular life after the brain damage he suffered. The doctors did not even know if Odom could ever speak. Odom is scheduled to be released from the hospital very soon and will be heading to a rehabilitation center to continue his recovery.

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