Leah Remini Quits Church Of Scientology

Leah Remini Quits Church Of Scientology

Leah Remini has quit the Church of Scientology!

After questioning the church’s leader David Miscavige, she was said to be subjected to years of interrogations. She asked about David’s wife Shelly at Tom Cruise’s wedding to Katie Holmes before being told that she didn’t have the rank within the church to ask about her. Afterward, her family was investigated and she was subsequently blacklisted.

A source revealed that Leah “was put through interrogations and blacklisted within the church that she donated millions to and that her family has spent their lives in. She was put through ‘thought modification’ for five years.”

Sources close to the actress said that she is considering going public “when she sees what the church tries to do. She has heard they use people to scare you into silence.”

The spy added, “She’s from Brooklyn. The church can’t hurt her…they don’t have her family, that’s all that matters to her. It’s not about wanting or not wanting to do Scientology…The issue is that [Miscavige] is taking down this church and hurting people and families.”

Hat tip: Scottie

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