LeAnn Rimes’ New Album, ‘Spitfire’ Tanks

LeAnn Rimes' New Album, 'Spitfire' Tanks

LeAnn Rimes’ new album Spitfire was written by the country singer to tell her side of the story in her cheating scandal with now-husband Eddie Cibrian. She and Eddie were both in marriages with other people when they cheated with each other.

Now that the Billboard charts have been revealed, it looks like not too many people were so willing to listen to LeAnn’s take on her highly publicized affair.

According to the latest news, the album charted at number 36, after having sold 10,798 copies in its first week. With regard to the album, LeAnn said, “I felt I had nothing to lose by telling the truth. I’d been so quiet about everything, it was like ripping a piece of tape off my mouth.”

Of her affair on the song Borrowed, she added, “It was the elephant in the room; I had to talk about it. There’s no glamorizing the situation. I was disgusted with myself and thought I was pathetic. But now that I’m on the other side, I’m proud of who I am.”

Should she be? What do you think is the reason people aren’t flocking to buy her album?

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