LeAnn Rimes Pregnant By Eddie Cibrian?

LeAnn Rimes Pregnant By Eddie Cibrian?

LeAnn Rimes is pregnant with her first child with husband Eddie Cibrian, according to the latest cover of Star magazine. The magazine claims that Rimes has announced her first pregnancy as her husband walks out on her.

The magazine states that Rimes is “finally pregnant after years of trying… but her marriage to Eddie Cibrian is falling apart.”

A source told the magazine, “Her close friends believe she’s pregnant. She’s not telling anyone, but she’s being super cautious about everything she eats and hasn’t been drinking alcohol, which is rare for LeAnn. She’s definitely got the baby bug.”

Reportedly, Cibrian “doesn’t seem to share” his wife’s penchant for wanting a baby, probably because he already has two sons with ex-wife Brandi Glanville. The spy told the magazine, “LeAnn has wanted a baby with Eddie so badly, it consumed her. But Eddie never shared LeAnn’s baby fever. He already has two sons and has never shown much interest in having any more children. This whole process – all the IVF, all the money they spent on trying to get pregnant – was for LeAnn and LeAnn alone.”

The tabloid reports that pals close to them are worried about their marriage. “Trust issues” and “mounting tensions” are said to be “turning what should be the happiest time in LeAnn’s life into a marital nightmare.”

Is LeAnn Rimes pregnant after all? We have yet to hear from anyone on the subject, so we will just wait and see. She has yet to officially address the speculation and her Twitter has been quiet with the exception of her horoscope and talk of creating new music.

Star magazine has made up many pregnancy rumors in the past, and we’re not doubting the possibility of them doing it again for the sake of magazine sales. They have yet to write a story about a celebrity that has a happy ending, so it’s not really a shocker there. What do you think? Are you buying into the pregnancy rumors this time around or are you waiting for the official word from Rimes’ camp? Hit the comments and let us know your thoughts.

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