Legendary Sci-Fi Author Ray Bradbury Dies At Age 91

Legendary Sci-Fi Author Ray Bradbury Dies At Age 91

Science fiction fans around the world are mourning the loss of a true giant in the genre of science fiction and fantasy. Famed author Ray Bradbury has passed away at the age of 91.

Bradbury wrote classic and timeless science fiction novels like “The Martian Chronicles,” “Farenheit 451”, among many more books and at least 600 short stories. 65 of those short stories were adapted by Bradbury himself for use on the TV show “The Ray Bradbury Theater”, including the story “The Halloween Tree,” which won an Emmy award. Bradbury also contributed to many television and feature film screenplays, including a 70’s TV miniseries based on his own “Martian Chronicles” saga.

NASA, in consideration of Bradbury’s futuristic thinking, brought the author in to lecture astronauts, the Disney Corporation consulted with him during the design phase of the futuristic Epcot Center in Florida, and Former President George W. Bush awarded Bradbury with the National Medal of Arts.

Bradbury passed away peacefully in Los Angeles Tuesday evening, following a lengthy illness. He is survived by his four daughters and eight grandchildren.

Ray Bradbury dead at age 91.

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