Leonardo DiCaprio’s Girlfriend Upset That He Doesn’t Bathe Regularly

Leonardo DiCaprio's Girlfriend Upset That He Doesn't Bathe Regularly

Leonardo DiCaprio’s model girlfriend, Erin Heatherton, is making a fuss over Leo’s lack of personal hygiene skills. Can you imagine Leo not taking care of his personal business or even taking a shower on a regular basis?

A source said that Leo avoids deodorant or regular showers in an effort to help save the planet. What?!? Reportedly, his “green” efforts are putting a damper on his relationship with Erin. She is said to be nauseated by the fact that he doesn’t bathe regularly.

A source said, “Leo has let his love for the environment take over his whole world, and it’s killing his love life. He only showers a couple of days a week to conserve water and he considers deodorant to be unnatural.”

I don’t know about you, but I find this really hard to believe. Is he really conserving that much water by not showering on a regular basis? Seriously, that’s just gross. How would she be able to stand being in the same room as him?

The snitch went on to say, “Erin loves him dearly, but she’s starting to feel like Leo loves the environment more than her! Erin has warned him to clean up his act and his hygiene…if not, he may wind up chasing off the woman of his dreams.”

Let’s put that last statement into perspective. If Leo has a woman that that doesn’t like his stench, he’ll just find another one who doesn’t mind. What do you think?

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Girlfriend Upset That He Doesn’t Bathe Regularly was last modified: March 18th, 2012 by Megan Lindsey
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  • Nishat

    ewwww! I knew he was creepy but gosh that’s nasty!

    • Roberta Ferguson

      I know right!

    • Lawildtoon2

      do you believe everything you read.

  • jus

    This is not true!! Erin would never say this!! I guess somebody is interested to broke up them!!

  • Jennynnguyen2005

    Showering everyday is a western culture type thing. In European countries like France, they bathe maybe once a week and wash their hair maybe maybe once a week or even less frequently. I think it’s wrong to impose cultural standards on others and expect them to abide by the same customs we do. If the man doesn’t want to shower everyday, so be it. Yu don’t really need to shower every single day anyway. It’s not good for your skin.

    • Hdhdsd

      That’s right.Once or twice a week is ok except in summertime or if you have had exercised.That’s true not only for France but for most Europe I think

  • Jennynnguyen2005


  • Lawildtoon2

    it is scary how many people think the national enquire is a reliable source no wonder this world is such a mess !!!  i  have been following leo’s career for several years now and i have never heard this crap before hating someone does not give anyone the right to make up stories about them then post it on a public forum leo has been very caring about not only the planet but also those who inhabit it. it is nice to see not everyone  is so apathetic. this stink story is stupid i hope it dies out soon and quit listening to these dumb tabloids!

  • Pavonrashel

    that is soo digusting hes not going to make a huge difference like seriously just shower dude i can imagine the stench and his armpits must smell like rotten fish or something UCKK

  • Medora22

    I would not care in the slightest if my boyfriend didn’t shower everyday because he was trying to help the planet. I think it’s a great way to be. If it doesn’t work out the Erin, come find me