Liam Hemsworth Pranked On The Set Of ‘Paranoia’

Liam Hemsworth Pranked On The Set Of ‘Paranoia’

Australian actor Liam Hemsworth was pranked by one of his Paranoia co-stars during the filming of the flick. Poor fella, getting pranked in the way he did — it’s really funny.

He was in the middle of filming a steamy love scene for the movie when the arm he was supposed to grab turned out to be a sex toy. We’re guessing he was quite embarrassed by the switch.

Hemsworth was stripping down for the scene with co-star Amber Heard, but he was left a little red in the face when he went to grab what he thought was her arm, only to grab onto a “giant dildo.”


In a new interview with E! News, he said, “I get into the bed and they say ‘action’. And then I turn over and I grab what I thought was her arm, and it was a giant dildo. It was….big, a black one. And I pulled it out, and everyone was in on it….except me, yeah.”

At least he has a good sense of humor about stuff, right?

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