Liberty Ross Couldn’t Get Past Rupert Sanders’ Affair

Liberty Ross Couldn't Get Past Rupert Sanders' Affair

By now you’ve probably heard that Liberty Ross has filed for divorce from “Snow White And The Huntsman” director Rupert Sanders. But what you may not have heard is exactly why she filed for divorce. It boils down to the affair that he had with Kristen Stewart, but they did try to work things out. Despite their efforts to reconcile through the aid of counseling, Liberty could not get past the fact that he had an affair.

On Friday, she filed for divorce after ten years of marriage. Despite seeing the former couple spending time with their two children in the public eye, they have been estranged from one another. Last summer, the director was caught with Kristen in a seemingly unflattering position.

Kristen publicly apologized to her boyfriend Robert Pattinson and it caused a rift in their relationship. They were said to have called it quits after the affair went public, even though she claimed that she and Rupert did not share a sexual relationship.

With regard to the divorce filing, a source said, “This was a long time coming.” The spy said that Rupert “did want to try to repair the relationship and didn’t want a divorce.”

Another insider said that Liberty “was more than a little upset. They gave it a shot for the kids, she was just so angry….she’s the kind of person who wouldn’t really ever get over it.”

Liberty gave a statement with regard to the filing, saying, “This year was the end of some things and the beginning of something else. Beginnings and endings are always really exciting.”

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