Life & Style Magazine: Jennifer Aniston Dumped By Justin Theroux

Life & Style Magazine: Jennifer Aniston Dumped By Justin Theroux

Just as sure as we are sitting here, we just knew that the tabloids would write some good fiction about Jennifer Aniston and her relationship with Justin Theroux. And, boy did they not disappoint with this week’s cover of “Life & Style” magazine.

According to this week’s issue of the tabloid, Jennifer has been dumped by her fiance Justin on her wedding day. It would really be a sad, sad story if any of it were true!

The magazine reports on the supposed fight that tore Jennifer and Justin apart, just hours before their wedding was supposed to take place in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. In addition, the tabloid says that Justin “pulled the plug at the very last minute”, which justifies their craptastic reporting on why there was no actual wedding at all.

A supposed close friend of the couple told the publication that “Justin is a runaway groom”. The magazine also claims to have the scoop on what Jennifer told the guests as she apparently stood there at the altar all by herself. Of course, the last detail talks about some wicked secret that Justin had been hiding from Jennifer for all of this time and she just found out. What could they be talking about?

Also featured in this issue is a piece on Kate Middleton supposedly going to war with the Queen and getting her revenge. In addition, there is an article on Selena Gomez’s new relationship after she has moved on from Justin Bieber (it’s about time!).

Will you be picking up this week’s issue of “Life & Style” magazine? We’re guessing that there are a small army of grandmothers out there that are picking this crap up at the grocery stores, hoping and praying that Jennifer Aniston gets her “happily ever after” and that’s who the tabloid keeps printing this BS for. It’s funny, really.

Of course, the good folks over at “Gossip Cop” have called BS on this nonsense, as well. So there you have it!

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