Life & Style Magazine: Jennifer Aniston Pregnant With Twins (Photo)

Life & Style Magazine: Jennifer Aniston Pregnant With Twins (Photo)

Poor Jennifer Aniston, she really can’t just live her life and be happy without the tabloids writing all kinds of crazy crap about her. This week, Life & Style has decided to make Jennifer pregnant with twins! She must be so elated!

Her relationship with her boyfriend, Justin Theroux, has been taken to the next level after they moved in together. So instead of giving them adequate time to adjust to living together in their new situation, they’re going to be proud parents! Oh the joy.

Also featured in this issue, are the wedding photos that Kim Kardashian has pimped out to every print publication from here to Egypt. Seriously, if I see that headpiece one more time, I’m going off someone…perferably with the last name Kardashian.

Taylor Armstrong also gets a tiny sidebar item about her husband’s suicide. Because that’s totally not as important as Jennifer giving birth to fake babies, right?

Also in this issue, is some kind of Bachelorette baby exclusive. Life & Style giveth babies aplenty, folks. Did you get yours in the mail?

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