Life & Style Magazine: Kate Middleton Is Having A Daughter

Life & Style Magazine: Kate Middleton Is Having A Daughter

“Life & Style” magazine claims that Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton is not only pregnant with baby number two, but she is having a daughter this time around. As Prince George turns one-year-old, rumors have hit a fever pitch that his mother is having a “spare heir” and the royal couple’s second child.

According to this report from the tabloid, the happy couple are naming their daughter “Diana” and the queen is said to be furious. We’re guessing that the magazine likes making things up as they go along because none of the pregnancy reports have been confirmed by the Palace.

The cover suggests that the couple already has decorated their daughter’s nursery, have bought adorable dresses and they have a vault full of jewelry awaiting the princess’ arrival. Kudos to the magazine’s creative writing team for coming up with some of this stuff.

We are going to go ahead and wait for the official confirmation from the Palace before offering up our congratulations to the royal couple on their fake pregnancy.

Also featured in this issue is an article on Khloe Kardashian. The tabloid claims that she has put on an extra thirty pounds and is popping diet pills in her desperation to keep the weight off. Poor Khloe can never catch a break, can she?

Jennifer Aniston and her upcoming marriage to Justin Theroux also gets a side spot on this week’s cover – with news that the two are battling it out over a $170 million prenuptial agreement. Does Jen have a net worth of $170 million? And besides that, Justin isn’t exactly poor, but it does pay to protect your assets to a certain extent, no?

Eddie Cibrian and wife LeAnn Rimes are also featured this week with a report on his children knowing that they are both cheaters. Next week, they’ll probably come up with a story on LeAnn being pregnant with her first child, because they’re creative like that. (See above)

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