Life & Style Magazine: Kim Kardashian’s Family Turns Against Her

Life & Style Magazine: Kim Kardashian's Family Turns Against Her

Reality star Kim Kardashian is featured on this week’s cover of “Life & Style” magazine and apparently her family has turned against her. Have her sisters Kourtney and Khloe turned against their more famous sibling because of some big secret that’s been recently revealed? We highly doubt it. It’s more likely that the tabloid is merely looking to sell magazines and Kardashian-related headlines help them achieve that goal.

The magazine reports that Kim has quit her business as part of the Kardashian brand and is starting up her own thing with her husband Kanye West and her family is furious. The tabloid also reports to have the scoop on what we’ll never see on television! We’re kind of curious as to what kind of ultimate betrayal the magazine thinks Kim committed against her family that would result in them basically disowning her. She has already shamed the family name for decades to come with her sex tape and how she dresses and acts, what more could she have done?

Also featured in this issue is a report that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are getting married. We already know that they are back together — if his Instagram account is any indication… Will they eventually tie the knot? Maybe, but don’t expect “Life & Style” to break the news of their nuptials.

In addition, the magazine reports that Mariah Carey is involved in some sort of mental hospital shocker. Is she going crazy over her split from Nick Cannon? Or is this basically another ploy to sell subscriptions to this rag?

Lastly, the tabloid reports that Jennifer Aniston is fearful of being jilted again — despite her relationship status with fiance Justin Theroux. Is anyone else tired of how everyone is always trying to make Aniston out to be the old maid with no options? Come on, if this guy doesn’t want her, she will definitely find someone else (not to say that this report is true, because it’s not).

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