Life & Style Magazine: Suri Cruise Trapped In Tom & Katie’s Warped World (Photo)

Life & Style Magazine: Suri Cruise Trapped In Tom & Katie's Warped World (Photo)

From our friends over at Celeb Baby Laundry come the story of Life & Style magazine’s claims that Suri Cruise is trapped in her parents, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ warped world!

Apparently while most of the kids around the U.S. are going to school. Tom and Katie have decided to fly Suri to New York for Fashion Week, causing her to miss her second day of kindergarten.

A former employee revealed, “Because Suri is being raised a Scientologist, both Katie and Tom have to treat her like an adult. There’s no coddling, and they never tell her anything — they ask. So when she wants to wear her Cinderella costume to bed, she gets to. When she demands a manicure at 9PM, she gets it.”

The former staffer also revealed, “When Suri wants a cupcake at 10AM, she gets one.”

What do you think of the magazine’s claims? Is Suri being treated like an adult at such a young age? If they don’t give her some sort of discipline, she’s going to end up growing up to be a monster.

What are your thoughts? Sound off in the comments!

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