Lil Wayne recorded nine videos for prison time

Lil Wayne was expected to be sentenced on Tuesday for his 2007 gun possession charge, but has since been given a three week-long reprieve for dental work to be completed. Prior to going to court, the rapper made nine music videos so that his fans wouldn’t forget about him while he’s locked up.

Video director David Rousseau said, “We knew what our deadline was. We’re trying to get maximum coverage for Wayne. Most of the time we only shot Wayne’s verses, we’ll finish the rest of the videos off in the next couple of weeks. Everybody is on board because everybody knows what’s at stake. Unlike T.I. and some of these other guys that’s disappeared while they were in, the point is to keep Wayne on TV for whatever time he’s in. He’s at the height of his career; you can’t let that momentum slip.”

The rapper has also recruited several collaborators for his newest offerings.

Rousseau added. “We tried to keep it wide, medium, close-up, just him vibing. Then we let him go change clothes. Then other people would come in for thirty minutes. Wayne would come back out, same thing; wide, medium, close-up. Then we bring out somebody else who is on the song, Nicki Minaj, Sean Garrett, Baby, Tyga.”

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