Lily Allen gets dumped by boyfriend, Chemical Brother Ed Simons

Lily Allen

Wow, I’m in shock here. First the couple, Lily Allen and Ed Simons, seemed all happy as pie when they got the news that she was pregnant. But not long after the news of her miscarriage, have we found out that Lily Allen has been dumped by her boyfriend.

Two weeks after suffering a miscarriage, to be exact. She was devastated when Ed Simons told her that he wanted to call it quits. She was all ready to settle down and tame her wild ways to concentrate on building a family.

Now, not only does she have to grieve for her unborn baby, but she’s doing it alone. Following numerous arguments, the two could not bring themselves to make their relationship work.

A friend of the singer said, “The miscarriage was a horrible experience for both of them – and in recent weeks the mood between them has been really strained.” She added, “Lily is really upset things haven’t worked out for her and Ed.”

I think Ed Simons is a jerk for leaving Lily so quickly after the couple suffered such a great loss. Hope she has the support of family and friends around her in this difficult time.

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