Lindsay Lohan Asked To Have California Lawyer Present

Lindsay Lohan Asked To Have California Lawyer Present

Troubled actress Lindsay Lohan didn’t appear in court last week when her attorney Mark Heller made the play to have her case dismissed. Instead, we watched Mark plead his case and the judge rightfully smacked him down for not having the knowledge of California law in order to proceed.

Reportedly, the prosecution in the case has been trying to hash out a plea deal that would see the actress doing some time in rehab, but she has rejected their offers. The rejection comes from Lindsay not feeling that she has done anything wrong. Of course she doesn’t feel like she’s done anything wrong, this is Lindsay Lohan we’re talking about here. She has never really taken responsibility for much of anything, despite obvious proof that she was at fault.

In this particular case, there are eyewitness reports that Lindsay was driving her Porsche on the Pacific Coast Highway in June when she crashed the car. Her assistant and the driver of the dump truck in which she crashed have both said that she was driving, despite her telling the police that she wasn’t.

Still, Mark Heller, being unfamiliar with the way things work in California, tried to get the case thrown out, to no avail. His request for a continuance in the case also fell on deaf ears. The judge basically branded him as incompetent and advised him that Lindsay would definitely have to appear for the next court hearing on March 18th. At that time, he is to either bring along another attorney who has more knowledge of California law or she has to waive her right to such.

Do you think she’ll end up firing Mark Heller as her lawyer? Or will they be able to find some suitable help?

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