Lindsay Lohan Blasted By Critics Over ‘Liz & Dick’ Role

Lindsay Lohan Blasted By Critics Over 'Liz & Dick' Role

Lindsay Lohan is getting lambasted by critics for her Lifetime movie role as Elizabeth Taylor in the movie biopic “Liz & Dick”. She has already said that she wanted the role so badly that she would’ve done it for free, despite her agent’s obvious interjection. Still, Lindsay is being blasted by critics for the trainwreck that we knew this movie was going to be.

Reviews for the Lifetime movie are already trickling in and they are not looking good for Lindsay. This was being touted by some as Lindsay’s comeback role, despite being laden with a car accident, a collapse and stories of how she allegedly trashed Liz’s old trailer. That does provide a good amount of publicity for the movie project, but it did not guarantee that her performance was on par.

A critic for “The Hollywood Reporter” Tim Goodman called her performance a “bad idea in the dramatic sense”, but said that people should still watch the movie for some of its comedic qualities. Another critic, David Hinckley of the “New York Daily News” said it was not a great performance, adding that “the movie’s big problem is that Lohan is no Liz Taylor.”

The movie is set to air on Lifetime on November 25th. Will you be tuning in for the Lohan drama?

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  1. I also read some goode reviews, nobody is talking about them!!!!! Why?

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