Lindsay Lohan Cocaine Lawsuit: Fox News Will Defend Itself

Lindsay Lohan Cocaine Lawsuit: Fox News Will Defend Itself

Just yesterday, we told you of how Dina and Lindsay Lohan are suing Sean Hannity and Fox News over a comment about the mother/daughter duo doing cocaine together. The pair are suing the show host and the network over the comments that they do the drug together. The grounds for their lawsuit are based on defamation because no one in the world would ever associate Dina or Lindsay Lohan with cocaine.

Since the story broke, we’ve learned that the network has issued an apology to the Lohan ladies, but apparently that still hasn’t mended any fences with them whatsoever. Despite their failure to accept the network’s apology, we’ve learned that the network is definitely prepared to defend itself.

A spokeswoman for Fox News said, “We removed the segment from our archives altogether last February and also apologized on air. At that time, the Lohans did not make any demands for money, and we are surprised they are doing so now.”

Is anyone really that shocked that Dina and Lindsay Lohan have made the money grab with regard to the Fox News network? They’ve probably figured out by now that the network has deep pockets, but we’re wondering how they are going to prove that they were both defamed by the news of them doing cocaine? Lindsay Lohan has already admitted to doing cocaine “five or six times” and has made a call to her father Michael Lohan about her mother Dina Lohan doing cocaine. Thanks to Michael Lohan, we’ve heard the taped conversation – because he invented the Lohan money grab (ie: selling a taped conversation of his daughter and himself to TMZ for the almighty dollar).

Lindsay also famously sued E-Trade over their “Milkaholic Lindsay” commercial stating that it put her in a bad light. In addition, the troubled actress has sued Rockstar Games over her supposed likeness being used for their game Grand Theft Auto V. We’re not sure if she can win a defamation lawsuit against Fox News, but stayed tuned to Earsucker for details of the case as they are made public.

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