LINDSAY LOHAN Confirms Sex List As Part Of Treatment

It may seem like an excuse, but troubled actress Lindsay Lohan is claiming that she made her list of conquests as part of her treatment in Alcoholic’s Anonymous. Is anyone buying this nonsense?

Lindsay made the list of 36 men of which she has had sex with and no one batted an eye because her number is so large. Despite that, the only one to come forward and call BS on Lindsay’s List was James Franco. He even went as far as saying that when people are troubled [like Lindsay], no matter the illness (mental or otherwise), there are some lines that you just don’t cross.

On Thursday, she appeared on “Watch What Happens Live” with host Andy Cohen and she discussed the sex list. If you’ll recall, “In Touch Weekly” published the conquest list back in March 2014. Previously, she had never confirmed nor denied the making of the list. Despite that, we had no doubts that Lindsay would be one of the only ones to brag about hooking up with 36 different guys.

Until Thursday, she hadn’t even acknowledged the list, which included the names Justin Timberlake, Jamie Dornan, Heath Ledger, James Franco, Ashton Kutcher, Colin Farrell and others. When Andy first questioned her with regard to the list, she played coy. She told the host that she could “neither confirm nor deny” its validity. However, it wasn’t too long before she was coughing up the details surrounding the necessity of the list.

She revealed, “That was actually my fifth step in AA at Betty Ford. And someone, when I was moving during the OWN [docuseries], must’ve taken a photo of it. That’s a really personal thing, and it’s really unfortunate.”

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