Lindsay Lohan couldn’t afford Stuart V. Goldberg, hires Robert Shapiro?

On Friday, it was said that Lindsay Lohan called Chicago based lawyer Stuart V. Goldberg and asked him to fly to Los Angeles to meet with the Lohans over her jail sentencing case.

He came out there, but was not hired as counsel. Shawn Chapman Holley remains counsel of record until Lindsay retains a new one. Stuart, the orange oompa loompa, apparently does not work for free.

TMZ reports:

Stuart V. Goldberg met with Lindsay, Dina and Ali on Friday night and it was a done deal, until he got a call over the weekend from Lindsay’s business manager, Lou Taylor, who said they just couldn’t afford him … this is all according to Goldberg’s camp.

But on the Lindsay side, it’s a whole other story. Let’s just say that even Dina and Lindsay decided Goldberg was … how do we say it nicely … a little eccentric. How ’bout a license plate with letters that reveal the word, “Snake Charmer”

The new leader in the clubhouse? We hear it’s none other than O.J. Simpson’s former lawyer, Robert Shapiro. Hey, Shapiro helped get a killer off, so maybe not such a bad idea.

She’s only got eight days to make some magic happen. She needs to get on an appeal if she’s going to do it already.

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