Lindsay Lohan Denies Stealing ‘Anger Management’ Bracelet

Lindsay Lohan Denies Stealing 'Anger Management' Bracelet

Troubled actress Lindsay Lohan is trying to rebuild her career with the help of her pal Charlie Sheen. He has given her the opportunity to appear on his show “Anger Management”, but she might be up to her old shenanigans once again.

It was looking as if history was repeating itself with Lindsay making off with some jewelry from the set. Actually, that was kind of what went down — except the show isn’t gunning for Lindsay to be arrested for theft.

While in wardrobe, the wardrobe person tried to get Lindsay to return the items or pay for them, but she refused. The items consisted of two bracelets, a necklace, sunglasses, gold earrings, lingerie, a pair of shoes, a silk robe and tap shorts. The wardrobe person says that there was no discussion about Lindsay leaving the place with the goods and wasn’t going to block the actress from leaving. So, in essence, she basically told Lindsay that the cost of the items would be deducted from her paycheck. Lindsay refused to cut a check for the value of the items.

In Lindsay’s mind, this gives her the right to tell her friends that she has paid for the missing items. Stay classy you.

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