Lindsay Lohan enters rehab at the Betty Ford Center

Lindsay Lohan has entered the Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage, California, to get treatment for her addiction problems.

She plans to stay there at least until her court hearing in front of Judge Elden Fox on October 22nd. It’s likely that this is a ploy to stay in rehab versus going back to jail, but only time will tell if it truly helps.

TMZ has more:

It’s gonna run Lindsay a pretty penny too — according to their website, 30 days of inpatient care at BF runs $26,000.

Betty Ford has treated scores of celebs — a short list of former patients includes, Keith Urban, Chevy Chase, Elizabeth Taylor, Gary Busey, Johnny Cash, Kelsey Grammer, David Hasselhoff, Mickey Mantle, Liza Minnelli, Ozzy Osbourne, and Anna Nicole Smith.

I hope she gets clean. When I saw her stint at the VMAs, I was really rooting for her and hoping that she was her old self. Get help, Lindsay, so we only have good things to report!

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