Lindsay Lohan Finally Thanks Charlie Sheen

Lindsay Lohan Finally Thanks Charlie Sheen

Lindsay Lohan got pretty close with “winning warlock” Charlie Sheen on the set of their flick “Scary Movie 5″. So close, in fact, that she hinted around to him about being in debt to the IRS for a whopping sum of $233,904. He was so nice, generous and sympathetic to her financial problems that he donated a cool $100,000 to help her fight off Uncle Sam.

Apparently after Charlie cut a check for the sum and sent it to her assistant, Lindsay didn’t even have the courtesy to say thank you. Even worse, all he was expecting was a text message saying thanks. How hard could that have been for her? Five seconds of her precious time to say thank you for someone graciously sending you $100,000.

Of the money, Charlie said, “They owed her money, didn’t pay her, so I took care of it.”

He was generous in offering up the cash and felt that he should’ve at least been thanked for his gesture. When speaking to “Entertainment Tonight”, he said, “I’m still waiting for a text to say thank you. Anything, anything, you know?”

Afterward, she finally got the hint that she can’t be an ingrate to those who have helped her out tremendously. Apparently she finally said thank you by sending flowers along with a note of apology. She claimed that her phone had broken and therefore, she lost his contact information. So, in effect, she could not reply to him right away….nope, it actually took her weeks! We’re guessing that it didn’t take her that long to have that money spent.

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  • Smacky

    Why is he giving this worthless turd anything at all? She probably blew the cash on cocaine and KY.

    • earsucker


  • a77

    Hey Charlie. There are charities out there that help KIDS and HOMELESS folks. I know 100k would go a long way in a place like that… The Lohan charity fund? I used to be your fan…you make me so sick. She’s a lost cause, as so are you, go get lost. You’ve turned into such a loser.