Lindsay Lohan Gets ‘Live Without Regrets’ Tattoo

Lindsay Lohan Gets 'Live Without Regrets' Tattoo

Lindsay Lohan has decided to add to her collection of tattoos with a new one that says Live Without Regrets. She decided to get the ink to mark a great point in her life.

She’s been to rehab more times than a few and has had nothing but legal problems, but on Friday, she’s starting anew. She stopped at a tattoo shop in Los Angeles on Friday and got the new ink to remind her of how good she feels right now.

An inside snitch revealed that Lindsay is getting excited about March 29th, because that’s the day that she will finish her court ordered community service. She still hasn’t finished that up — and that was from her DUI from 2007! So we’re sure it’ll be a joyous occasion for the rehabbed actress.

The new tattoo joins her Billy Joel lyrics, “Clear as a crystal, sharp as a knife, I feel like I’m in the prime of my life”, along with “Breathe” on her right wrist, “I restore myself when I’m alone” and “La Bella Vita”, which is tattooed on her back.

Let’s hope that all of this marks a new era for Lindsay doing well with her life and career. No more trouble, Lindsay! (And please, no more puffy lips!)

ALSO — You can see a photo of her new “Live Without Regrets” tattoo here.

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