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Lindsay Lohan Has Been Writing Scripts

Lindsay Lohan Has Been Writing Scripts

Besides getting hauled into court over a failed alcohol test that she wasn’t required to take, Lindsay Lohan has been keeping busy. And not just with “alcohol free” rooftop parties or pimping out random auction websites, either.

Reportedly, the rehabbed actress has been writing scripts. Okay, we’ll bite…

Since no one really wants to hire her because she’s probably uninsurable, Lindsay is trying to create her own opportunities for work. A pal of hers said, “Lindsay has been writing and developing a script based on her experience under house arrest. It’s a horror movie involving a girl in very much the same situation as her. She plans to finish the script and maybe star in and direct the movie herself. She’s very excited about it.”

Didn’t she learn her lesson about horror movies when she did that stinker, I Know Who Killed Me? Seriously, how many of you think that Lindsay should stick to comedies and falling out of bars wasted? Okay, maybe not wasted, but she should totally leave the horror genre to those who are actually good at it.

And what about her script writing? She really couldn’t think of anything else to write about than to pitch an idea about a chick on house arrest? It’s not like you wouldn’t leave if you were on house arrest and your life was in danger. Duh.

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