Lindsay Lohan Home Confinement Details

Now that Lindsay Lohan has been confined to her home for 35 days for her jewelry theft conviction. Yet we still keep seeing her pop up in endorsement deals and photo opps. Why, you might wonder?

Lindsay is basically a prisoner in her own home in Venice, California. She’s wearing an ankle monitoring device, but that doesn’t mean she’s not allowed to have people come over. Even if that means it’s the paparazzi!

There are rules, however. She isn’t allowed to leave, unless her outing is pre-approved. Below, we have a list of what she’s allowed and not allowed to do.

She is allowed:

Lindsay can leave her townhouse for medical appointments or go to the probation department, as long as she gives advance notice.
She can have visitors without any type of restrictions.
She is allowed to use the telephone and internet. (Twitter!)

She isn’t allowed:

She cannot leave the premises of her home without getting prior consent, otherwise her ankle bracelet will inform authorities.
She cannot perform her community service during this 35 day span or attend any work-related events.
She is not allowed to tamper with her ankle monitoring device, as it would sound off an alarm to those monitoring her activities.

Do you think the punishment fits the crime? Let us know in the comments!

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