Lindsay Lohan Horrified After Morgue Joke

Lindsay Lohan Horrified After Morgue Joke

Lindsay Lohan was left horrified after some of her co-workers at the L.A. County Morgue played a joke on her. The troubled actress is currently doing her community service and has been trying to keep a low profile as of late.

She reportedly became hysterical when a bloody, severed hand appeared to fall out at her. A source said, “Lindsay went totally hysterical and bolted from the room shrieking. She was making so much noise she never heard the pranksters who’d played their elaborate practical joke howling with laughter.”

The source went on to reveal, “When one of the volunteer organizers told Lindsay someone had planted the phony hand as a joke she was furious and ranted, ‘I can’t believe anyone would think this is funny. It’s really morbid and so is everyone here.'”

Oh wahhhh.

The snitch added, “Lindsay has a real attitude – always acting like she’s better than anyone else and spending much of her time taking cigarette breaks.”

That’s what she gets then! Ha.

Cruel joke? Or was it just plain funny? What do you think?

Photo Credit: Fame Pictures

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  • Chris Hardewig

    plain funny